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air inlet lesson


 is a self study filling session

Vehicle and Engine Systems - Air Supply

Self study session


Getting a supply of fresh clean air is vital to the efficient running of an internal combustion engine, contaminated air will significantly affect the performance of the engine and adversely affect the exhaust emissions. Vehicle and engine designers go to considerable trouble to ensure that the engine gets an adequate air supply.



  1. Sketch the layout of an engine air inlet system, identifying and explaining the components and any reasoning for location.


  1. Try to identify three functions of an air filter.


  1. Sketch two different types of valve arrangement.


  1. To increase the performance and efficiency of some engines the air is forced into the combustion chamber. Identify two methods of achieving this and compare them on typical applications. 


  1. A result of compressing the air inlet is that the air is heated, describe why that is that a disadvantage?


  1. To remove some of the heat from compressed air going into the engine often an intercooler is fitted. With the aid of sketches explain how this device works.


Please bring your notes and sketches to the next theory session for a group discussion. 




Internet sites such as How Stuff Works or AutoZine (Technical School) can be used to good effect along with the following books

Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology - V.A.W. Hillier

A Practical Approach to Motor Vehicle Engineering - D. Newbold & A. Bonnick

Motor Vehicle Studies for NVQ - V.A. Hillier

Advanced Vehicle and Engine Technology - Heisler Heinz


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