Community and Culture                




A community is a collection of people in a geographical area.


Communities maybe possibly thought of as any one of the following


1) As a collection of people with a particular Social structure in a given area

2) A collective group of people with a certain amount of similar belonging(ness) to that particular group

3) The daily activities of that community , work and non work take place within the geographical area i.e it is self contained

4) A set of people in a geographical area



An example of a community


Rural Community


In a typical rural community the people tend to share the following characteristics


Relationships tend to be close between members of the community


Common interests which they feel bring them together


People tend to adopt several roles i.e. (father, shopkeeper, Parish Councillor)


Simple economy, normally based on agriculture


Mechanical society most people are very alike in attitudes and behaviour


Status of parents has a basis on how an individual will be treated


Locals Rural society is dominated by people who are born and bred there and reflect certain local values.