The National Health Service (NHS) is the largest single employer within the country. In England alone, the NHS employs about a million people - 5% of the working population.

One of the exciting and challenging parts of the health service is that it offers a wide range of employment opportunities for many people. No matter what qualifications a person has there is usually a job they can undertake.

There are over 70 professions within the NHS, this means there is something for everyone. The NHS is also anxious to reflect the local population it serves. To this end, it actively encourages applications from a range of backgrounds, regardless of gender, age, religion or race to apply for jobs.

People entering the NHS need to be able to work in a range of environments, with a variety of clients. They need to be good communicators and able to work within a team as well at times on their own. For some jobs, academic qualifications and supervised practice is also required prior to the individual qualifying in their chosen profession. The NHS also offers some favourable funding arrangements for students, including the payment of course fees, a bursary and time for study.


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