Digestive System



The following nutrients are important in the diet


Carbohydrates, Minerals, Proteins, Vitamins, Fats, Roughage and Water


The nutrients provide the body with energy and growth.


Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism of Food

Food is ingested in the mouth. It must be broken down mechanically and chemically.

It then enters the blood stream and is distributed to the living tissues in the body.


Digestion and Absorption take place in the Alimentary Canal (runs from the mouth to the anus)

The Alimentary Canal is muscular with layers of circular and longitudinal muscle.

The circular muscles push food along the Alimentary Canal by contracting and relaxing(Peristalsis) the food is digested and then absorbed in the various regions of the Alimentary Canal.


The smaller molecules (digested food solution) pass through the walls of the intestine and in time will enter the blood stream.

Student Task

Write a paragraph explaining about Absorption



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