IT Task


Using the following search engine

1)Find a recipe/picture for chocolate cake.


2)Fact files/pictures on 3 celebrity chefs

3)Find this passage/article at the web site.



Flies are a real hazard to health and to the food industry as a whole. Their feeding habits of regurgitating saliva onto a food surface to be able to suck the liquid up, means the bacteria from their gut is mixed with whatever they fed on previously. As flies prefer to live, eat and breed on faeces, the results of their bacterial infection can be understood. Flies should not be tolerated in any premises, especially where food is being prepared, served or eaten! Cleaning is essential to prevent the breeding of flies in decaying matter anywhere around or inside a food factory. Special attention should be paid to gullies, drains and refuse areas. Insect screens over opening windows and doors are also very effective at insect pest prevention. The mesh size should be small enough to prevent even the smallest insect entering and fit over the entire window. As a final defence mechanism, ultraviolet electric fly killers are effective against all insect pests. They can be used as a monitor to gauge the level of the flying insect problem in food factories and help the decision on further measures to be taken. The Rentokil Electronic Fly Killer uses a grid to electrocute insects that fly in towards a UV light. It also contains a rolling adhesive film that traps the insects and encapsulates them for up to six months at a time. A lure has been developed to attract flying insects to the unit to further improve its efficiency.

 Print out the other articles on the same page


4) Design an information booklet(including recipes/cooking instructions) for the absolute beginner chef who wants a healthy diet, on how to cook and eat healthily for a one week period. The booklet should contain a variety of breakfasts/Lunches and a different Evening Meal for each day of the week. 


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