Making Bookings Out of Office Hours


In todays global 24 hour society businesses expect to be able to make their travel arrangements out of normal office hours. Business travel agents are responding by extending their office hours and/ or allocating specific members of staff to handle out of hours enquiries


The particular needs of business travellers

People travelling on business look for speed , convenience flexibility and quality when choosing their travel suppliers. Today there are far more women travelling on business than in the past, meaning that travel companies must strive to meet their particular need for safety and security


Type and class of travel and accommodation

Business people tend to use higher quality accommodation and upgraded travel, particularly when entertaining important clients. However there is an important sector of the business travel market which uses budget hotel accommodation and the new budget airlines in order to keep travel and accommodation costs to a minimum


Management information reports

Large business travel companies such as Thomas Cook, American Express and Carlson Wagonlit travel, offer their clients regular management information reports detailing the extent of the travel by members of staff and expense incurred


Direct reservations via the internet

The dramatic growth in the use of the internet is beginning to have an impact on the work of business travel agents. The internet gives business travellers the opportunity of searching for particular travel products and making their own booking direct with travel companies. However this can be a very time consuming process and many companies still prefer to use the services of a business travel agent with their experience and industry knowledge


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