Some projects require more marketing than others i.e.


·      A trip to the theatre

·      A fund-raising event

·      A trip to a theme park


However most projects will benefit from a high profile and the creation of awareness. This maybe through

·      Sponsorship of your project by a local business

·      A promotional campaign including advertising and public relations

·      Fund-raising strategies that will also create awareness


You have to match your product or service to your customers’ needs then create awareness among your customers. For example;

·      Seek sponsorship from businesses; write them letters explaining how they will benefit


Physical Resources


All projects will require somewhere to meet e.g. a room in a building and basic equipment such as pens and paper. It is useful to identify these Physical Resources right at the start of the project then review them at regular intervals throughout.


Most projects will require the following items

·      Stationary, Paper, pens, files

·      A base room with chairs and tables

·      A computer, perhaps a laptop

·      A first aid kit

·      Telephone, email, etc


Other physical resources will depend on the project. Here are some possibilities:

·      Canoes, paddles and spraydecks for outdoor activities

·      Sports kit and trainers for a circuit training session

·      Dishcloths, washing-up liquid and tea towels for a self-catering stay

·      A field or car park for a car boot sale


Try to be as specific as possible, stating types, quantities and any other relevant details:

Your swimming kit should include costume, goggles, hat and towel, it will be used twice daily

You will need a canoe suitable for two with life jackets, throw line and a spray deck suitable for two persons and two paddles.


Some physical resources may need to be assessed for suitability. This will include

·      Appropriateness

·      Location

·      Proximity to customers

·      Availability

·      Value for money

·      Accessibility


Make sure a facility or venue is suitable for your chosen activity. If it is suitable compare its price with some alternatives



Financial Aspects



All projects will require some sort of financial commitment. This is fairly straightforward but you do need to be thorough. You will need to consider these aspects

·      Simple budgeting

·      The collection of monies

·      The banking of monies

·      Auditable procedures and processes

·      Cash flow forecasts

·      Financial contingency plans


It is important as a team to consider the importance of money and financial procedures. The misuse of money and abuse of these procedures can lead to instant dismissal in the workplace. Treat financial matters with respect and account for everything you do.


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