Problem Solving


The first stage in any problem solving activity is to define the problem.



When there is a problem it means that something has to be changed. E.g. long queues at the check out of the supermarket, long delivery times,

assignments are always given in late.



One approach, frequently used in industry as a starting point for solving problems is brainstorming. It is a useful method for generating ideas on how to approach tasks. It needs little skill and can produce instant results.

Brainstorming Handout  

Task 30 Mins

1 Get team together


2. Have a large sheet of paper and a marker pen to note down the suggestions.


3. Warm up with a ‘silly’ session to get the group relaxed


4. Ensure that everyone in the team knows the purpose of the brainstorming session i.e. the problem. Every person should write down the problem


5. The purpose of brainstorming is for the participants to produce as many suggestions as possible for solving the problem


6. No one should criticise any suggestion or person, just try to keep the flow of suggestions going


7. One person should write down every suggestion that is made. The team can look at them later


8. Try to get as many ideas as possible


9. Try to build on each other’s ideas


10. Make sure that everyone can read all the suggestions that have been made


11. Only stop when everyone has dried up or run out of ideas


12. Try to put the ideas into groups or categories


13. Choose the best five ideas into groups or categories


14. Go for it !