Types of Interaction



Interaction may take place


1)      Verbally

2)      Through Language or Sign Language

3)      Touch

4)      Technology (Email etc)

5)      Non Verbal (Body Language)


An example of interaction (Social Care Worker meeting a client for the first time to assess the clients needs)


Social Worker



Verbal Communication (welcoming the client, friendly words)

Non Verbal Communication(open, attentive body language)



Social Worker has to try and put his client at ease (he needs to observe and react to his clients body language and verbal responses in a correct manner to perform a worthwhile interview




Non Verbal Behaviour


Verbal Behaviour






The Health or Social Care Worker has to have the ability to communicate with a wide range of patients/clients/professionals including



Young Adults

Middle-Aged People






The Police

Etc etc


Lack of proper communication will mean the patient/client will not receive the correct care that is required. This can lead to tragic consequences.




Discuss the purposes of the following interactions


        Exchange information, e.g to assess the needs of clients

        Explain procedures

        Promote relationships and offer support

        Get to know clients and assess their needs

        Negotiate and liase with clients and their family members, colleagues and other professionals

        Promote interaction between group members

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