Wedgwood Replacement China - Wedgwood Replacement Tableware

Wedgwood Repacement Chinaware Available

Replacement Items Available from the Traditional Tableware company

Breakfast Plate, Small Plate, Tea Saucers, Breakfast Saucers, Tea Cups, Breakfast Cups, Sugar Bowls, Milk Jugs, Tea Sets, Dinner Service, Dinner Sets

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4 Sprays of Apple Blossom   Adelphi   Aegean
Aegina   Agincourt - Blue - R4513   Agincourt - Ivory
Agincourt - R4471   Albany   Alexandra
Alexandria   Alpine - Home   Alpine Pink - Gold Edge
Alpine Pink - Plain Edge   Alpine Pink - Raised Border   Amalfi
American Clipper - Blue   American Clipper - Rust   Amherst
Anemone   Angela - Fluted Edge   Angela - Plain Edge
Anglesey   Aphrodite   Apple Blossom
Appledore - Brown + Cream   Appledore - W3257   April - Apple Green
April - Lilac   April - Mint Green   April - Peach
April - Yellow   April Flowers   Aquarius
Artic   Argosy   Argyll
Ascot - Gold   Ascot - Silver   Ashbury
Ashbury Sprays   Ashford - W4106   Asia - Black
Asia - Green - No Gold   Asia - Green - No Pattern   Asia - Maroon
Asia - Sage Green with Gold   Asia - Turquoise   Asiatic Pheasant - Blue
Asiatic Pheasant - Green   Asiatic Pheasant - Petrol Blue   Asiatic Pheasant - Pink
Aster   Astor   Athenian
Atlantic - OTT   Augustus   Aurora
Autumn Vine   Avebury   Avocado - Blue
Avocado - Brown   Avon - W3983   Avon Blue W4025
Avon Cottage - Blue   Avon Cottage - Pink   Aztec
Babylon   Bainbridge   Barbara Barry - Curtain Call
Barbara Barry - Embrace   Barbara Barry - Musical Chairs   Barbara Barry - Pearl Strand
Barbara Barry - Top Note   Barlaston Green   Barlaston Green - OTT
Barlaston Rose   Bay Leaf   Beaconsfield
Belle Fleur   Beresford   Beresford 2000 - White
Bermuda   Bianca   Bianca - No Gold
Bideford   Black Basalt   Bloomfield
Blue Delphi   Blue Elephant   Blue Fin
Blue Gardenia   Blue Heritage   Blue Marble
Blue Pacific - New Style   Blue Pacific - Old Style   Blue Plum
Blue Siam   Bokhara   Boleyn
Box Hill   Braemar   Bramble O.T.T
Bramble Pink   Brazil   Brecon
Breton   Briar Rose   Brocade - R4678
Bullfinch   Butterfly   Buxton - Gold Edge
Buxton - Gold Leaves   Buxton - Plain Edge   Byzantium
Calendar Plate   California   California Crest
Cambrian   Camellia - O.T.T   Campion
Candlelight   Candlelight - No Back Stamp   Cane
Cantata   Capri   Capricorn
Carisbrooke - Gold Edge   Carisbrooke No Gold Edge   Carlton
Carlyn   Carmel   Caroline
Cascade   Caspian - O.T.T   Cathay
Cavatina   Cavendish   Celadon
Celestial Platinum   Chalk   Chantecler
Charisma   Charlotte   Charnwood
Charnwood - Pottery   Chartley   Chester - Centre Gold Line
Chester - No Centre Gold Line   Chestnut - O.T.T   Children's Stories
Chinese - Queen's Ware   Chinese Flowers   Chinese Legend
Chinese Teal   Chinese Tigers - Green   Chinese Tigers - Red
Chippendale   Chorale   Christmas Traditions
Citrons   Classic Garden   Clearwater
Clementine - Fluted   Clementine - Plain Edge   Clementines
Clio   Cliveden   Clouds - Shape 225
Colchester   Colonnade - Black   Colonnade - Gold - W4339
Colorado   Colosseum   Colosseum - Platinum
Columbia - Black   Columbia - Blue and Gold R4509   Columbia - Enamelled - Old Style
Columbia - Enamelled - W595   Columbia - Gold   Columbia - Powder Blue
Columbia - Powder Ruby   Columbia - Sage Green   Commemorative ware
Commodore   Constantine   Contrasts
Conway   Corncockle   Cornflower - AK8023
Cornflower - Queen's Ware   Cornucopia   Cottage Rose
Country Connections Series   Country Lane   Countryware
Covent Garden   Covent Garden - O.T.T   Crescent - Shape 225
Crown Ebony   Crown Emerald   Crown Gold
Crown Platinum   Crown Ruby   Crown Sapphire
Cuckoo   Curzon   Debutante
Delphi White   Delphina   Derwent
Devon Rose   Devon Sprays   Diamond
Dickens Coaching Days   Dolphins   Doric - Platinum
Downland - Gold Edge - Floral   Drury Lane   Eastern Flowers - Gold Edge - Bone China
Eastern Flowers - Green Edge   Eastern Flowers - Plain Edge   Eden - Home
Edme - Blue   Edme - Cream with Red Square Detail   Edme - Green
Edme - Queen's Ware   Egg Boxes   Empress - Ruby
English Harvest   Escape   Ethereal 101
Etruscan Dance   Everleigh   Fairmont - Grey Band - Pink Flowers
Fairmont - Grey Leaves and Ribbons   Farmstead - Home   Faversham
Feasts & Festivals   Ferrara - Blue   Ferrara - Purple
Festivity - Blue   Festivity - Home   Fieldfare - Blue
Fieldfare - Green   Flame Rose   Floral Lustre
Floral Tapestry   Florence - Home   Florentine - Arras Green - W4170
Florentine - Black - W4312   Florentine - Gold - Black Urn Backstamp - W4219   Florentine - Gold - Green Backstamp - W4219
Florentine - Gold - Modern Backstamp   Florentine - Navy - W1956   Florentine - Oriental Blue
Florentine - Ruby   Florentine - Spring Green   Florentine - Turquoise - W2714
Florentine - W3605   Flying Cloud   Forget-Me-Not
Formal Gold   Formal Platinum   Foxwood Tales
Fragrant Rose   Frances - Blue   Frances - Peach
Fruit Orchard   Fruit Sprays - OTT   Fruit Symphony - Blue
Fruit Symphony - Buttermilk   Fruit Symphony - Green   Garden
Garden Club   Garden Maze   Gardenia
Glen Mist - Member of Wedgwood Group   Glen Mist - Modern   Glen Mist - Susie Cooper Design - Black Urn Backstamp
Gold Chelsea   Gold Damask   Gold Doric - W4401
Gold Tonquin   Golden Cockerel   Golden fleece
Golden Glory   Gourmet   Grand Gourmet
Grand Tour Collection   Green Leaf - Queens Shape - Older   Green Leaf - Queensware - Modern
Greenwood   Greenwood - China   Greystone
Griffons   Guinevere   Hampshire
Hampton Court   Harcourt   Harewood
Harlech   Harlequin   Harrowby
Harvest Fruit   Harvest Moon   Hathaway Rose
Havana   Hedgerow - OTT   Hereford
Highgrove   Highgrove - Blue   Honeysuckle
Humming Birds   Humpty Dumpty   Hunting Scenes
Hunting Scenes - Gold Edge   Huntingdon   Icarus
Ice Flower   Ice Rose   Imperial Garden - Ralph Lauren
India   India Rose   Indian Tree
Indigo   Indigo - Home   Insignia Range - Blue + Gold
Insignia Range - Brown + White   Insignia Range - Pink + Green   Iona
Isis - China   Isis - Fine Pottery   Ivory Agincourt
Ivy House   Jade   Jamestown
James Conran - Blue Butterfly   James Conran - Casual - Beige   James Conran - Casual - Biscuit
James Conran - Casual - Blue   James Conran - Casual - Cream   James Conran - Casual - Green
James Conran - Chinoiserie Green   James Conran - Chinoiserie White   James Conran - Colours
James Conran - Pin Stripe   James Conran - Platinum   James Conran - Platinum Striped
James Conran - White   Jasperware - Black   Jasperware - Light Blue
Jasperware - Light Blue - Commemorative   Jasperware - Ocean Blue   Jasperware - Portland - Dark Blue
Jasperware - Purple   Jasperware - Sage Green   Jasperware - Teal
Jasperware - Terracotta   Jasperware - White   Jefferson Old Vine
Jemima Puddle-Duck   Jemima Puddle-Duck - 2003   Josephine
Kashmar   Katherine   Kenilworth
Kimono   Kingcup - W4050   Kingsbridge
Kingsley   Kingston   Kutani Crane - Brown Edge
Kutani Crane - Gold Edge   Lambourn - Jade   Landscape - Blue
Laurel - Black Accent   Laurel - Blue   Laurel - Silver Edge
Lavender   Lemon Tree   Lichfield
Life on the farm collection   Lilac Rose   Linden
Liverpool Birds - Blue   Lochs of Scotland - Pink   Lotus
Louisiana   Lowestoft   Lucinda
Lugano   Lugano - Cream and Green   Lunar
Lynton   Madeleine   Malabar
Mandarin   Manhattan   Marcasite
Marchmain   Marguerite - white + Gold   Marina - Blue
Marina Green R4426   Markham   Masefield
Masquerade   Mayfair - Pale Blue China   Mayfield - Grey
Mayfield - Ruby   Meadow Field   Meadow Sweet
Medici   Medina   Medina - Green
Medway   Melford   Mercury - Shape 225
Meridian   Metropolis   Mexico
Midnight   Mikado - Home - Blue   Mikado - O.T.T.
Millennium - Green   Mimosa   Miniatures - Black Basalt
Miniatures - Blue Jasper   Miniatures - Kutani Crane   Miniatures - Mirabelle
Miniatures - Peter Rabbit   Miniatures - Pink Jasper   Miniatures - Wild Strawberry
Mirabelle R4537   Mist Rose   Mistral
Montcalm   Monterey - O.T.T.   Moonlight
Moonstone - 9165   Moonstone - 9610   Morning Glory - Blue Line
Morning Glory - Plain Edge   Mosaic   Moselle
Moss Green   Moss Rose   Mount Vernon
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle   Mugs - Wedgwood   Mystique Blue
Nantucket   Napoleon Ivy - Gold Edge - Bone China   Napoleon Ivy - Green Edge
Napoleon Ivy - Grey   Napoleon Ivy - OTT   Nasturtium - O.T.T. - Granada Shape
Nasturtium - O.T.T. - Sterling Shape   Nature   Neptune
New England - Maine   New England - Vermont   New Forest
Newborough   Night and Day - Black - Checkerboard - Jasper   Night and Day - Black - Chevron - Jasper
Night and Day - Black - Fluted - Jasper   Night and Day - White - Checkerboard - Bone China   Night and Day - White - Chevron - Bone China
Night and Day - White - Fluted - Bone China   Nursery Rhymes   Oakapple Wood
Oakapple Wood - Figurines   Oberon   Oceanside
Old Chelsea   Old Vine - Burgundy   Old Vine - Coloured
Opal   Ophelia   Oriental Pheasant - Brown
Oriental Pheasant - Green   Orleans R4540   Osborne
Oyster   Pacific Stripe   Palatia
Pansies   Parade   Parallels
Paris   Passion Bird   Pastel
Patrician - Cream   Patrician - Cream + Gold   Pattern CK5981
Pattern No 27763   Paul Costello   Pavilion
Peach - O.T.T. - Granada Shape   Peach - O.T.T. - Sterling Shape   Pembroke
Pennine   Penshurst   Peony
Peony - O.T.T.   Perfection   Persephone - Blue
Persephone - Green   Persia   Perugia
Peter Rabbit - 123   Peter Rabbit - ABC   Peter Rabbit - Children's Tea Set
Peter Rabbit - Children's Tea Set - New Look   Peter Rabbit - Floral Border   Peter Rabbit - For Your Christening
Peter Rabbit - Happy Birthday   Peter Rabbit - N527   Peter Rabbit - New Look
Peter Rabbit - New Look - For Your Christening   Peter Rabbit - Original   Peter Rabbit - Tea Time
Peter Rabbit Birthday Plate   Peter Rabbit Calendar Plate   Peter Rabbit Christmas
Peter Rabbit Nursery Set   Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny Collection - The   Petersham
Petra   Philippa   Picardy
Pimpernel - Gold Edge   Pimpernel - Pink   Pimpernel - White
Pimpernel - Yellow   Pink Fern   Pink Garland
Plato   Plato Gold   Plato Platinum
Plaza   Posy   Poterat
Potpourri   Preston   Primrose - OTT
Proposal   Provence   Quadrants
Queen of Hearts   Queen's Ware - Blue Vine on White - Plain Edge   Queen's Ware - Blue Vine on White - Shell Edge
Queen's Ware - Fruit   Queen's Ware - Green Vine on Cream - Plain Edge   Queen's Ware - Pink Vine on White - Plain Edge
Queen's Ware - Plain Ivory   Queen's Ware - Seafood   Queen's Ware - Traditional
Queen's Ware - White Vine on Blue - Plain Edge   Queen's Ware - White Vine on Blue - Shell Edge   Queen's Ware - White Vine on Green - Plain Edge
Queen's Ware - White Vine on Grey - Plain Edge   Queen's Ware - White Vine on Pink   Queen's Ware - White Vine on White - Plain Edge
Queen's Ware - White Vine on White - Shell Edge   Queen's Ware - Wine   Queen's - Plain
Queen's Lace   Queen's Shape   Queen's Sprays
Quince - O.T.T.   Raspberry   Raspberry Cane - O.T.T. - Granada Shape
Raspberry Cane - O.T.T. - Sterling Shape   Ravenstone   Red Damask
Regal Platinum   Renaissance Blue   Richmond
Riviera - OTT   Rococo   Romantic England
Rosalie   Rosalind   Roseberry - O.T.T.
Rosebud - Home   Rosedale - A2303 Blue and White   Rosedale R4665
Rosehampton   Rosehip   Rosemeade
Rouen Chinois   Royal Homes of Britain   Royal Lapis - Gold Edge
Royal Lapis - Silver Edge   Runnymede - Blue   Runnymede - Green
Runnymede - Navy W4472   Runnymede - Turquoise W4465   Rupert Bear
Sahara   Samantha   Samarkhand
Samurai   Sandon   Sandringham - Blue and Yellow
Sandringham - Pink and Yellow   Sandstone   Santa Clara
Sarah   Sarah's Garden - Blue   Sarah's Garden - Christmas
Sarah's Garden - Cream   Sarah's Garden - Glassware   Sarah's Garden - Green
Sarah's Garden - Snowdrop   Sarah's Garden - Terracotta   Satin
Seander   Selene   Senator
Serenity - Shape 225   Seville   Shagreen
Shagreen Cocoa   Shagreen Jade   Sherwood
Sherwood - Green and Gold   Sienna   Sierra
Signet Gold   Signet Platinum   Silver Ermine
Solar   Sparta   Spring Morning
Springfield   St. Moritz   Stanton
Star Flower - Shape 225   Star Flower - Traditional   Sterling - OTT
Sterling - White with Silver Band   Stone   Stratford
Strawberry Hill   Strawberry and Vine   Summer Bouquet
Summer Garland   Summer Sky   Summer Sky - OTT
Sunburst   Sunflower   Sunray
Surrey   Surrey - Green Edge - Yellow + Orange Flowers   Swallow
Swansea - Patrician Ware   Talisman   Talisman - Art Deco Pattern
Tally - Ho   Tamarisk   Tapestry
Tapestry - Patrician   Terrace - Home   Terrazzo
The Painted Garden   The Queensware Christmas Plate   Thomas the Tank Engine - 1984
Thomas the Tank Engine - 1992   Tiger Lily   Tiger Lily - O.T.T.
Time for Wedgwood   Tintern   Toledo - OTT
Traditions Heirloom   Tranquility   Travel
Trellis Flower   Trellis Rose   Tropical Garden - NM922
Tryst   Turnberry   Tuscan Harvest
Tuscany Collection - The - Mediterranean   Ulander - Black   Ulander - Emerald Green
Ulander - Gold   Ulander - Powder Blue W2376   Ulander - Powder Ruby W1813
Ulander - Powder Turquoise   Valencia   Variations
Venus   Vera Wang - Blanc sur Blanc   Vera Wang - Champagne Duchesse


Vera Wang - Grosgrain   Vera Wang - Illusion   Vera Wang - Pink Duchesse
Vera Wang - Sable Duchesse   Vera Wang - Vera Lace Gold   Vera Wang - Vera Lace Platinum
Vera Wang - With Love   Victoria   Vine - OTT
Vintage   Vintage Teaware   Virginia
Viva   Volendam   Wakefield
Water Nymph   Watercolour   Waverley
Wedgwood - Commemorative Giftware   Wedgwood - Cutlery - Metropolitan   Wedgwood - Floral Garland - Glass and crystal
Wedgwood - Marrakech Giftware   Wedgwood - Millenium Giftware   Wedgwood - Miscellaneous Giftware
Wedgwood - Vera Wang - Blanc sur Blanc - Glass and Crystal   Wedgwood - Vera Wang - Classic - Glass and Crystal   Wedgwood - Vera Wang - Grosgrain -Glass and Crystal
Wedgwood - Vera Wang - Illusion - Glass and Crystal   Wedgwood - Vera Wang - Love Knots - Glass and Crystal   Wedgwood Mugs
Weekday Weekend - Blue   Weekday Weekend - Brown   Weekday Weekend - Cream
Weekday Weekend - Green   Wellesley   Westbury
Wheatear   Where's Scotty   White Traditional
Whitehall - Blue   Whitehall - Cream + Gold - W4000   Whitehall - Powder Blue
Whitehall - Powder Jade   Whitehall - Ruby   Whitehall - White + Gold - W4001
Wild Apple - O.T.T. - Granada Shape   Wild Apple - O.T.T. - Sterling Shape   Wild Oats
Wild Poppy   Wild Strawberry   Wild Strawberry - O.T.T.
Wildbriar   Wildflower   Wildflower - Pink
Wildwood   Williamsberg Ribbon   Willow - Blue
Willow Weave   Winchester - Patrician Ware   Wind in the Willows - The
Windermere   Windrush   Windsor - Black
Windsor - Cream   Windsor - Grey   Windsor - Grey + Red
Winter Festival   Winter Vegetables   Wintergreen
Woodbury   Woodland Rose   World Wide Fund for Nature