This assignment will cover ELEMENTS 18.1 AND 18.2


Task One - 18.1.1; 18.1.4

Task Two - 18.1.1; 18.1.2

Task Three - 18.1.3; 18.2.1; 18.2.2.

Task Four - 18.1.3; 18.2.3; 18.2.4.

Task Five - 18.1.1

Task Six - 18.1.3; 18.2.3

Task Seven - 18.1.3; 18.2.3; 18.2.4.

Task Eight - 18.1.5



You have recently started working as a travel journalist on the travel section of a national magazine which produces a fortnightly travel supplement. Your Editor has decided that for the next travel supplement he wants you to conduct an investigation into the popular overseas travel destinations for UK tourists. Your findings, which will cover various different Holiday Types in various World-Wide destinations will then feature in a special series of reports to be titled 'The UK Abroad- The Most Popular Resorts.'

This will be a great opportunity for you to prove yourself and to show your knowledge of the travel industry and therefore your selection of resorts to feature will be of the utmost importance. In order to choose correctly you should try to do some background reading or study any available statistics which will help you to recognise the most popular areas of tourism for UK tourists.



Task One

Choose your regions, ensuring that you include at least one from each of the following locations :






You should also ensure that your choice features the following MARKET TYPES :

1. 2 x CITY BREAK destinations.

2. 2 x regions popular because of their DISTINCTIVE COUNTRYSIDE

3. 2 x LAKES and MOUNTAINS regions.

4. 2 x SUMMER SUN beach holiday destination areas.

5. 2 x WINTER SUN beach holiday destination area

6. 1 x WINTER SPORT region for participants and 1 x WINTER SPORT region for spectators.

7. 1 x SUMMER SPORT region for participants and 1 x SUMMER SPORT region for spectators.

This should give you a final list of 14 destinations or regions experiencing popular visitation from UK tourists.

Task Two

By an agreed date, hand in your list to the Editor(Me) for approval. Your list should be accompanied by suitable maps showing all the regions currently popular with UK tourists in each of the 5 locations. The maps should also show major GATEWAYS (Airports/Ports and Any relevant Railway Stations) which would be used to access your own chosen regions.

Task Three

Once your list has been approved you should pick ONE destination from EACH of the 7 different MARKET TYPES which you feel would be especially popular with UK tourists. You should justify your choice by describing the appeal of these 7 destinations(which should NOT include the spectator sports) with regard to the following criteria :

1. ACCESS - ease/frequency etc.

2. ACCOMMODATION - main types/price range etc.

3. ATTRACTIONS - natural/historical or cultural/unique features/special events/activities and entertainment available etc.

4. CLIMATE and HEALTH - best/worst times to visit (too hot/wet), average temperature at suggested time of visit etc.

5. NEGATIVE features - high crime rate/ political instability/viscious animals etc.

6. CLIENT GROUPS - appeal to different socio-economic groups, age groups , singles/families. groups(affinity/non-affinity)

Describe the specific appeal for each of your chosen client groups and include any statistical information available.

Task Four

Choose 2 from the remaining 7 destinations and describe in more depth why you feel that these destinations are popular with UK tourists taking into account further factors such as :

a) Changing Customer Requirements

b) Special marketing promotions for the area.

c) Any evidence of tourism management which has helped to improve the client's enjoyment of the region.




Task Five


Construct a crossword grid for the supplement(Minimum Size 20 squares by 20 squares)

The theme of the crossword is 'Travel Trivia for Tourists'.

There are to be a minimum of 16 clues(i.e. 8 down, 8 across)

You may choose travel facts/destinations from any of ONE of the Locations (Locations are : Spain, France ,U.S.A , Caribbean and Australia) to construct your crossword.

What you need to Produce

You need to produce one crossword puzzle complete with clues and answers and the same crossword puzzle with just the clues.


Task Six

In order for comparisons to be drawn, you should give some examples of prices(low,medium,high) taken from various information sources for an average 2 week holiday in each of the 7 regions(chosen in Task Three), staying in twin-bedded accommodation on a half board basis.

Highlight any special offers available and any MAJOR additional charges which may have to be accounted for.

Task Seven

Prepare a 5 minute PRESENTATION about your 2 chosen destinations which are popular with UK tourists (Task Four). A date will be given for the PRESENTATION which may be judged by more than one member of staff.



Task Eight

Assess the suitability of different forms of transport on certain routes, naming the main operators and comparing costs where available, which may be used by the following tourists departing from the UK :

1. Two couples travelling to NORTHERN SPAIN for 2 weeks who would like to tour the country travelling by either :

a) Own car plus a short ferry crossing.

b) Own car plus a mini-cruise

c) Air and hire car.

d) Coach tour.

e) Rail and hire car

2. A couple going to visit friends and relatives in Australia travelling by :

a) Air with either one or several stop-overs - (describe where the stopovers would be and why)

b) Sea and Air

c) Sea

d) Air and Car


You must attach a bibliography showing all relevant information sources including brochures, computer programmes and other data sources.